Frame Construction Started

Construction has started on the frame for the CNC mill.  I was able to talk a coworker into cutting the 8020 for me using the metal saw at my work.

Profile of frame
Straight on shot

I've realized that I don't have all of the corner pieces and other connectors.  For sure, I'll be 4 short of the "15 Series 12 Hole - 90 Degree Angled Flat Plate".  I'm using the "15 Series & Ready Tube 5 Hole - 90 Degree Angled Flat Plate" with some extra "Inside Corner L" brackets for extra support.  If this will stay rigid, I shouldn't have to do anything extra.  If not, however, I will have to look at buying new pieces.

I purchased all of the 8020 from my employer.  They upgraded a robot arm and it came with a new cage.  The old cage was removed and auctioned off.

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